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Object name: photograph
Title: Fotografie einer englischen Kredenz aus Eichenholz von ca. 1620 (given title), 199 Fotografien von Objekten der Ausstellung über altenglische Möbel im ehem. Bethnal Green Museum in London 1896. (title addition)
photographer: anonymous, London, 1896

Material: secondary support cardboard
Technique: photograph
height: 21.6 cm
width: 22.6 cm

Inventory number: KI 7246-19
Acquisition: purchase (1897)
text on object: [Untersatzkarton, mittig unten, aufgeklebt]: 12. Butter Cupboard. Oak; in two parts. The upper / portion has two doors divided by a framed panel. / The doors and framing are incised with conventional / designs. At the sides there are perforations to admit / air to the inside of the cupboard. The lower part of / the cupboard is also carved. About 1620. / Lent by the Hon. Si rSpencer Ponsonby-Fane, K. C. B., / Brympton, Yeovil.-(361.) [Untersatzkarton, rechts]: Eichenkredenz, englische Arbeit, um 1620.
Department: Library and Works on Paper Collection
Collection: exemplary sample collection
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