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Object name: photograph
Title: Fotografie zweier Kommoden aus Eichenholz von ca. 1650 (given title), 199 Fotografien von Objekten der Ausstellung über altenglische Möbel im ehem. Bethnal Green Museum in London 1896. (title addition)
photographer: anonymous, London, 1896

Material: secondary support cardboard
Technique: photograph
height: 20 cm
width: 25.8 cm

Inventory number: KI 7246-8
Acquisition: purchase (1897)
text on object: [Untersatzkarton, mittig, aufgeklebt]: 54. Chest of Drawers. Oak; a moulding inciseed with / cuts at short intervals runs round the edge just beneath / the top. There are four long drawers each divided / into panels. / 50. Chest of Drawers. Oak; flat top surrounded by / moulding. Four drawers fill the front, their faces / divided by mouldings into panels. In the deeper / drawers the panels are of a square shape set diagonally / and cross-shaped. Key plates and handles of brass. / About 1650. / Lent by the Horn. Sir Spencer Ponsonby-Fane, K.C.B., / Brympton, Yeovil.-(342) [Untersatzkarton, rechts]: 2 englische Kommoden aus Eichenholz (Nr. 50 v. J. 1650)
Department: Library and Works on Paper Collection
Collection: exemplary sample collection
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