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作品分類: Non-Fungible Token, screensaver
題名: Event Listeners (original-language title), Ethereum NFT version (series)
作者 / 制作年代:
designer: Harm van den Dorpel, Berlin, 2018

作品番号: DS 495
出所: purchase (19/05/2022)
Andere Auflage: Event Listeners (DS 443)

詳記: Harm van den Dorpel programmed a screen saver in which he draws connections between algorithmic drawings and diary-like observations on his own social behavior. The drawings are based on “L systems,” which generate and simulate organic structures by reproducing basic rules and are used in the analysis of language and linguistic patterns. Combined with the artist’s personal texts, it becomes apparent that mathematics and algorithms fail to explain the complexity of subconscious and intuitive human cognitive and emotional processes. The output combinations of pattern and text play in endless loops and never repeat.
セクション: Design Collection
コレクション: design collection
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