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Object name: Bibliophile edition
Title: Fisher’s Juvenile Scrap-Book (Series), Fisher’s Juvenile Scrap-Book, 1839
author: Agnes Strickland
author: Bernard Barton
illustrator: Stothard
illustrator: C Wrankmore
illustrator: J Franklin
illustrator: J Holmes
illustrator: Thomas Allom
illustrator: Richard Barrett Davis
illustrator: T Lawrence
print office: Son & Co. Fisher, London, 1839
illustrator: Henry Melville, United Kingdom
illustrator: Stothard, United Kingdom
illustrator: C Wrankmore, United Kingdom
illustrator: J Franklin, United Kingdom
illustrator: J Holmes, United Kingdom
illustrator: Thomas Allom, United Kingdom
illustrator: Richard Barrett Davis, United Kingdom
illustrator: T Lawrence, United Kingdom
author: Agnes Strickland
author: Bernard Barton
publisher: Son & Co. Fisher, England, 1839

Material: (Bucheinband Beschr.), woven fabric (Binding)
Technique: sewing <bookbinding> (Bindung), blind embossing (Binding), gold embossing (Binding), hollow back (Binding), planographic print (illustration), gilt edges (Buchblock)
number of pages: page(s)
height: 20.5 cm
width: 14.3 cm
depth: 1.6 cm

Inventory number: BI 1084
Acquisition: old holding
Department: Library and Works on Paper Collection
Collection: artists' books
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