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Object name: photograph
Title: Fotografie eines Porträts der Beatrice, Countess von Oxford von Anton van Dyck im Museo del Prado in Madrid (given title)
photographer: J. Laurent y Compañía (?), Madrid, before 1907
execution of depicted work: Anton van Dyck, United Kingdom, about 1638

Material: secondary support cardboard
Technique: albumen print
height: 21.5 cm
width: 16.5 cm
height (secondary support cardboard): 50 cm
width (secondary support cardboard): 33 cm

Inventory number: KI 7675-16
Acquisition: purchase (1907)
text on object (mittig unten): A. VAN DYCK._70._ La Condess de Oxford (Museo de Madrid).
Department: Library and Works on Paper Collection
Collection: exemplary sample collection
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